Hair Rebonding

Hair rebonding is a special technique that falls under hair straightening. For all those people who have curly hair and dream of having straight and silky hair, it becomes quite difficult to decide. Neha Beauty Salon provide one of the best hair treatments to straighten your hair and give you a extreme beautiful look as you expected from us.

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Hair Smoothening

Hair Smoothening is a chemical process that involves saturating the hair with a formaldehyde solution, which is then dried out and locked in a straight position using a flat iron. Smoothening is always a better option than straightening. Smoothening makes hair look natural soft. If you really want your beautiful hair , you all are welcome to Neha Beauty Salon, A Team of Loreal Professional.

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Hair Colouring

Neha Beauty Salon provide best hair colouring treatment.Ombré means to shadow, and it's a seamless gradiation from darker to lighter. People do get confused by the two but you can also combine them in a merged technique which can be very pretty. If you want your hair in beautiful colour shade, then Neha Beauty Salon is a right choice for you.

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Hair Keratin

Hair Keratin is a process, in which hair strands are sealed with the help of a protein product also known as Keratin on the top of which a preventive solution is applied onto the hair with the help of a hot iron. This process is also known as the Keratin Hair Treatment.If anyone want a keratin hair treatment, then Neha Beauty Salon is a right choice for them.

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Streaks are straight lines that are spaced out from each other and give a punky look. Since highlights are a lot thinner they impart a soft look. So we can say that highlights are small streaks that are applied in a hairstyle to lighten the color of hair with the help of a hair bleaching mixture. Neha Beauty Salon provides you the perfect solution for hair streaks for any lengths.

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